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What Is Property Gather Forum?

Property Gather Forum is a community-driven real estate platform that helps you find experts, new ideas and the latest news about building management.

Share your thoughts, experience, and knowledge.

We welcome everyone to post and discuss on any topic related to building management with all our members. Our goal is to build a beneficial community that advances Malaysia's real estate industry. Post anything you want, from all your questions about Building Management to your opinions about building projects in general.

Meet the challenges of building management

Property Gather Forum is a space for discussion about building management created to jointly build the best community. With our focus on improving building management bodies and meeting challenges, you’ll be able to uncover solutions that make your buildings smarter, more efficient and more productive.

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Share your thoughts.

Get constructive feedback and listen to the opinion of people who are involved in building management. With Property Gather Forum, you can learn more about building management and get ideas on how to succeed in it.

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Homeowner Feedback, Suggestions & Complaints

Property Gather Forum is the place to get real-time feedback, suggestions, and complaints from homeowners.



We need to emphasize that the information provided in online forums, including concise and condensed ones, may not always be accurate or reliable. In addition, opinions and views expressed on forums may not necessarily reflect the views of the entire community.

Therefore, it is important to always check and verify information before using it as a reference or guide. In this regard, forums, even if they are concise and condensed, should not be the sole source of information.